Name: Marcelo Aller

Fitness Education: Bachelor in Science Hunter College for Physical Education (2004)

**Masters in Science for Human Movement ATSU (** not completed)

Home town: Medina, Ohio

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist- NSCA

Certified Personal Trainer- NSCA

Health Fitness Instructor- ACSM

SPARQ trainer

Experience: 17 years as a trainer/coach

6 years Health club manager

10 years as an educator and CEU provider

Areas of specialization:

  • long term weight loss goals
  • long term strength and muscular development
  • improving cardiovascular performance
  • improving flexibility and range of motion
  • post rehab training
  • injury prevention
  • motivation
  • Sports Nutrition
  • nutritional advice for different body types
  • Posture and gait analysis
  • Metabolic testing
  • Team sports training

Personal Background: National Athletics Manager at Polar

2 years of Collegiate Football

SAQ camp for kids

Marathon 2002 Run in the park Bethesda Maryland

Research Focus: I have completed a comprehensive research project comparing and contrasting the methods to developing the metabolic system and central nervous system.

Personal Philosophy: As a personal trainer and coach, I am constantly looking for ways to help clients and teams achieve their targeted goals and improve overall athletic abilities. As a trainer, I can help clients to seize opportunity, overcome obstacles, and achieve full potential. To embark upon this challenge I expect hard work and commitment, both by me as a trainer and the person in front of me. Applying a principle-centered approach to training helps people to stay focused and most importantly to enjoy the journey of improving one’s ability and one’s self. Some of these principles are commitment, determination, flexibility and a positive mindset. The true power of success occurs when an individual can transition from understanding these principles to living them. My challenge is to help each individual make that transition on the road to mastering personal goals and challenges.

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