Traveling and working out

People today have no time to spare especially if you travel for work. I often ask friends about their habits of exercise and what happens when they travel.  Typically they do not workout on the road, the lame excuse I get is that ” I have no gym” or “I have no time” but they make time to meet clients and eat a nice dinner.
The number one investment is in your self! Not only will you be happier, healthier but more productive. Take the time to plan workouts on the road. Some of my basics that I carry when I travel is:
1. EKHO Heart rate monitor
2. TRX strap ( old post:
3. Jump rope
4. sneakers
According to federal guidelines we need todo at least 250 minutes a week of cardiovascular exercise (my inner trainer is telling me that we are nowhere near that number). That is why you need measure your efforts but keep it simple.  I really like a using two simple numbers, total calories burned and time spent in zone.  Check out the video below it sums up how simple you can  do a workout, when you travel.
until next time….